Kogumaza - Kogumaza

Catalogue Number: LP043
Format: Ltd Edition Vinyl LP manufactured at Record Industry, Netherlands, packaged in a full colour sleeve
Release Date: 9th May 2011 (repressed 22nd July 2013)

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Nottingham’s Kogumaza originally released their debut LP through Low Point in May 2011 with little fanfare. To everyone’s surprise it sold out shortly afterwards thanks to extensive touring in Europe with Zomes and shows with Earth, Daniel Higgs, A Silver Mt Zion, Uzeda and Enablers in addition to invites to perform at the Supersonic, Supernormal and Sin-Eater Festivals.

Formed in 2009, Kogumaza take the simplest of elements (The two guitars of Neil Johnson and Chris Summerlin and a pared-down drumkit played by Katharine Eira Brown) and create a sound recognisably their own. One of the more interesting side effects of releasing this album the first time around was people’s take on the genre the band belonged in. Too (purposefully) ambiguous and non-macho to be embraced by the hairy, amp-worship crowd; too displaced in time to be loved by the retro ‘psych’ revival and too primal and rocking to be taken seriously by more cerebral music fans. The band (and this label) delighted in having released something that genuinely puzzled people.

Those that embraced the album did so with vigour and the album’s reputation grew of its own accord with little press or promotion. Contemporaries like Hookworms sited the LP as a direct influence on their own music and Gringo Records released a split 7” between the two bands last year which sold out almost as soon as it was released.

With that in mind, it seems appropriate for Low Point to reissue this record, again as a vinyl only limited pressing.

The LP was recorded in the band’s own Way-Out Is The Way Out studio in Nottingham, housed in a disused Police Station with the band and 4th member and soundman Mark Spivey. By learning the process as they went along they created truly unique sounds and recording approaches almost by accident (or necessity).

What’s most remarkable is the album was created almost entirely in the tracking process – the delays and great shudders of sound are not digital manipulations but actual sonic events recorded in the room. Capturing this ended up being such a challenge that the band mixed the record twice and repeatedly mastered and remastered it, refusing to adhere to conventional audio ideas about ‘brightness’ or ‘reality’ of sound. Their conviction proved right.

A new album of collaborations with former Lungfish bassist Nathan Bell is due on the Lancashire & Somerset label later in 2013 and the band are about to record a second album proper for Low Point this summer.

Original Press Release from May 2011:
Following on from two very limited 7-inch singles released in 2010, Low Point is proud to present the debut album from the Nottingham group Kogumaza.

Recorded at the band’s own Way-Out Is The Way Out studio, Kogumaza’s self-titled LP is two side-long cut-and-paste pieces of purposefully dense, bizarre and heavy music.

Beautiful percussion patterns support cyclic riffs of thick, shimmering fuzz as primitive melodies and harmonies are layered on top of each other. Hypnotic loops emerge from the murk and reveal themselves, spiralling into your brain to remain lodged there, sound-tracking your most mundane actions with a peaceful pulse forever more.

By using just two electric guitars tuned in unison and a stripped down drum kit, Kogumaza make music designed to create the space and potential for personal epiphanies (big and small) on the part of the listener. In this way, they are closer to the reflective qualities of rhythm-less ambient music than they are to the bluster of rock or metal and their infinite sub-genres.

Kogumaza’s desire to manipulate and mask their output both live, (courtesy of fourth member Mark Spivey who operates from behind the sound desk) and on record brings a dub-like sensibility and sensuousness to the band’s sound, maximising the potential for third-mind lift-off at all times.

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