Gareth Hardwick - Of The Sea And Shore

Catalogue Number: LP035
Format:Ltd Edition CD packaged in a full colour digipak
Release Date: 9th August 2010

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‘Of The Sea And Shore’ is the third album (and the first full length consisting entirely of new material since his debut release in 2006) by Nottingham musician Gareth Hardwick.

Inspired by visits to remote coastal locations around the UK, Gareth has created an album that draws upon the cyclical nature of the tides and the forces of nature that regulate the oceans.

Recorded over a four month period during the Winter of 2009/10, Gareth's characteristic long form guitar drones have been enhanced by a widened palette of sounds consisting of different instrumentation, effects and recording techniques. Cymbals and chimes supply a percussive undercurrent, whilst radio static, dictaphone field recordings and harmonium are used to add further texture.

As a result, through subtle layering and delivery, 'Of The Sea And Shore' is perhaps Gareth's most accomplished and focused work to date. Over the course of two beautiful long form tracks, a tangible sense of time and place is presented to the listener, evoking grainy recollections of forgotten landscapes.

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