Tim Catlin and Machinefabriek - Glisten

Catalogue Number: LP031
Format: CD packaged in a full colour folding card wallet
Release Date: 2nd November 2009

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‘Glisten’ is the first collaborative release by Tim Catlin, a guitarist and sound artist based in Melbourne, Australia and Machinefabriek, the nom de plume of Rutger Zuydervelt from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Whilst researching information on prepared guitar, Zuydervelt discovered the work of Tim Catlin, most notably his album ‘Radio Ghosts’ (released on 23five in 2007). Intrigued by Catlin’s approach towards mechanically prepared guitar and the engaging sound world created by this unassuming expertise, a partnership was soon set in motion.

For the release, Catlin made initial recordings drawing upon a wide range of approaches including guitar preparations, customized and abused effects through to more 'conventional' picking. These tracks were then sent to Zuydervelt for the addition of extra sounds and overdubs through to final editing and sequencing.

With both artists’ sharing a passion for developing upon the minutiae of the guitar, ‘Glisten’ is an immersive album of slowly unfurling sound layers, deeply embedded drones and acute harmonic gestures. Throughout the running time, a palpable sense of playfulness is present, allowing the prepared guitar process to determine the course of action. Through minor touches and sleights of hand, fleeting vibrations are produced which are capable of both overwhelming intensity and pure sonic transcendence.

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