Apalusa - Obadiah

Catalogue Number: LP021
Format: CD packaged in a letter-pressed 'Arigato Pak' card sleeve
Release Date: 5th August 2008

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Following on from his warmly received cdr releases of 2007, ‘Obadiah’ is the second full length album by Apalusa, aka Nottingham based musician Dan Layton.

Over the course of 50 minutes, these three long-form tracks focus on darker territory than previous releases, with sub-bass rumbles and minor-key chord progressions augmenting the multiple layers of Apalusa’s trademark processed guitar drones and field recordings to form an all-encompassing listening environment. 

With Layton’s use of raw sounds and processing techniques now forging an identity for himself which is very much his own, the end result is the most focused and realised Apalusa release to date.

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