Gareth Hardwick & Taiga Remains - Split 10"

Catalogue Number: LP020
Format: 10" vinyl packaged in a heavyweight antique green paper sleeve
Release Date: 3rd July 2008

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Gareth Hardwick - High Tension (mp3 sample)
Taiga Remains - Pantomime Bodies (mp3 sample)





A meeting of minds from across the Atlantic, this release pairs UK resident Gareth Hardwick with Taiga Remains of the USA for two sides of solo experimental guitar.

Gareth Hardwick’s contribution to the release, “High Tension”, continues to demonstrate his unique take on guitar-based ambience.  The patented smears of processed guitar are still present, whilst more dissonant elements including fuzz, hiss and static have also been introduced to bolster and underpin the nature of the composition.      

Taiga Remains is the solo guise of Alex Cobb, label head of Students of Decay and resident of Cincinnati, Ohio.  The Taiga Remains track, ‘Pantomime Bodies’ presents an intricate listening environment that through layer upon layer of sound reveals new depth and tones with every play.

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